The base frame of the device is made of standard aluminum profiles of various shapes and cross-sectional sizes. The construction of the 3DPLODDER is made of high-quality, high-strength aluminum profile produced according to 3DPLODDER’s drawings and orders, taking into account the proper safety factor and load. Movement in the X, Y and Z coordinate axes is performed using stepper motors.

To produce using additive construction 3D printing the following: 1-2-3 storey private house. Elements and blocks for modular construction. Room Divider. Fixed formwork. Building block. Bearing wall. Pool frame. The column benches, fountains, decorative fences, and other elements of landscape architecture. Small architectural forms

In the formation of prices, we focused on small and medium businesses that are realizing themselves in the direction of individual housing construction. The price of equipment depends on the model and starts from 15 000 euros.

The payback period of 3DPLODDER equipment depends on the volume of work performed and the mode of operation. Formation of the cost of services, the user of the equipment determines independently, as well as the choice of the used compositions of building printed mixtures. With 8 hours of operation per day, the payback period can be up to 1 year, with a 24 hour mode of operation up to 3 months.

To operate 3DPLODDER as a 3D construction printer, the user needs additional equipment: Mixer and container for preparing the mixture; Concrete mixer. Plastering station or mortar pump with a gerotor pair. Antiabrosive hose for feeding the mixture.

The warranty for 3DPLODDER construction 3D printers is 12 months from the date of signing the certificate of acceptance of the transfer of equipment, subject to the user's compliance with the conditions and rules of operation and maintenance. Warranty obligations on additional devices and equipment used by 3DPLODDER users in the process of construction printing are provided by their manufacturers on a general basis.

Delivery of equipment 3DPLODDER is carried out by sea, air, rail and road transport, at the option of the buyer. Packing models XXL and YS can be problematic when shipped by air.

3DPLODDER comes unassembled. Packaging - wooden boxes. Number of seats from 3 to 6, depending on the model.

The installation time for 3DPLODDER S, M, L, XL and 3DPLODDER S, M, L, XL DUET models is carried out without the use of lifting equipment. ranges from 30 to 60 minutes (depends on the model). For installation 3DPLODDER XXL, YS and 3DPLODDER XXL, YS DUET is made with the help of lifting equipment.

3DPLODDER is managed using open source software.


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